Murray Darling Medical School

Charles Sturt University and La Trobe University are proposing a Murray Darling Medical School – a rurally focused medical school with campuses in Orange, Wagga-Wagga and Bendigo – across the Murray Darling region where doctor shortages impact on health care.

Benefits of the Murray Darling Medical School

Supporting Local Health Services

We will address regional doctor shortages by training local kids to be become local doctors through the Murray Darling Medical School.  It is the smart thing to do.

Currently, only about 10% of medical school graduates go on to practice regional or rural medicine. The Murray Darling Medical School will provide 90 additional regional doctors each year once fully operating.

Rural doctor shortages to get worse without international recruitment

Delivered by an experienced team

Charles Sturt University and La Trobe University already train quality health professionals who are prepared for rural health practice.

Through the Murray Darling Medical School, a rural specific curriculum will help prepare doctors for rural practice.

Better Results

Current policies to encourage doctors to practice in regional Australia have failed and wasted taxpayers’ money.

The Murray Darling Medical School will be more efficient and effective in increasing the number of doctors in the region. It is a better solution.